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Souls for sale

Touch The Spider!

Souls for sale



"...The really strong side of Touch The Spider! is their ability to make air guitar and head banging friendly songs...

I would still recommend this to those who enjoy hard rock in the vein of Pentagram and Black Sabbath..."


"... I love that rusty distortion when played at that obscure and melodic rhythm."

"... I think they are simply phenomenal!"

Dark Heart Magazin:

"... The perfect album for dark hours. Songs like 'This Ain`t A Love Song', 'Searching' or the awesome 'Souls For Sale' are full of emotions and depth.." (Translated excerpt)

"... Yes, it’s a strange mixture but it actually works quite well and most songs have a catchy feel!

How often do you find yourself singing along on a catchy chorus like “It’s a long way to hell” with noisy guitars and feeling like humming to a radio friendly pop song?

So that’s really cool stuff. ..."

"...TOUCH THE SPIDER! sound like a mix of Motörhead and Angelwitch with a psychedelic touch and sinister lyrics of Black Sabbath. An officially phat sound..." (Translated excerpt)

"... Basically you can pick out JOY DIVISION and dirty SISTERS OF MERCY. But there's no copying, influences are used to create compact original compositions..." (Translated excerpt)

"... It is certain that TOUCH THE SPIDER are promising ... you can have a crack at them whatever sort of Doom you prefer ..." (Translated excerpt)


"...According to the motto 'Brevity is the soul of wit' the two of TOUCH THE SPIDER! release smashing hits..." (Translated excerpt)


The sky turns black again. TOUCH THE SPIDER! are back out of their gloomy cellar to release their second CD.


Once again the spiders spark a fire of despair, depression, anguish and hate. 15 tracks provide a disturbing insight into moral depths of human being – lost souls trapped in a spiderweb.

TOUCH THE SPIDER! intensified their style. Influences like music of the 70s mixed up with Doom, Gothic and Stoner Rock are not so clear any more. It's getting difficult to assign them to particular protagonists.

SOULS FOR SALE was recorded on the part of the band from July 08 to January 09. Composition, mastering and artwork were completed in May 2009.

Release date is July, 10th.