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Pornographic Romance

Touch The Spider!

Pornographic Romance



Touch The Spider! present a single release from the new album “The Grand Delusion”:

Pornographic Romance

Provocative, explicit, offensive, dark, but also danceable, catchy and with pop appeal. All this on the new EP:

Pornographic Romance


TOUCH THE SPIDER! create their own distinctive sound by mixing stylistic elements of Doom, Gothic, Wave, Stoner Rock and music of the 70s. The different styles are only dimly discernible.


"... Pornographic Romance is a dark Moloch, the straight guitars and squiggly Keys embeds the doomy facets in catchy passages..." (Translated excerpt)

"... With two pieces TOUCH THE SPIDER give a taste of their upcoming album "The Grand Delusion": Applies "What Goes Around" as a sound template for the next disc. Then "The Grand Delusion" is a powerful thing and maybe even surpasses the last good album "Blood On The Wallpaper". The hypnotic title track of this "single" would be almost like Nick Cave light (or heavy, depending on the view) without its mechanical beat..."

(Translated excerpt)