Touch The Spider!

I spit on your grave

Double CD-Album

Info / Review: 
I spit on your grave

Cosmic Lava:

"...Whatever the circumstances are, I suggest to buy a copy of this unique album recorded by a unique band."

"Like their fellow proto-doom bands, Touch the spider! have the ability to generate a diverse array of emotions. From sadness to happiness and several points in between..."

Sir Lord Doom:

"... A cult band for the fearless is born, a band that's playing real sinister music. Music that truly may be called Gothic, Doom, Alternative..." (Translated excerpt)


"... What remains is a terrific piece of music, dedicated to former heros without copying or caricaturing them..." (Translated excerpt).

"... It's a humdinger!"


TOUCH THE SPIDER! release their first double CD "I spit on your grave" with 28 songs.

TOUCH THE SPIDER! mix elements of the 70th with Gothic, Doom and Psychedelic.

They are inspired by Joy Division, early Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. An emotionally thick and entirely developed atmosphere evolves from the melancholic and at the same time catchy sound. Feels like Black Sabbath jamming with Joy Division.

Though TOUCH THE SPIDER! are influenced by rather different types of music, it's difficult to pidgeonhole them.

You can literally feel the melancholy. Hearing the songs you are torn between depression and blissful happiness.

The ailing fagile vocals depict human suffering. Look out for the brink of delusion, grief, hate, agony,depression, horror, apocalypse, murder and suicide.