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Touch The Spider!



Dark Heart Magazin:

"There are 13 malign tracks on this gloomy masterpiece! … The band presents itself in an apocalyptical depressive notion of hopelessness – no hope, no happiness, the sound feels just dark and gloomy – as black as in a pitch-black hole …

Conclusion: Brilliant!"  (Translated excerpt)

Cronicles of Chaos

“...It's like a synergistic experience, listening simultaneously to a myriad of sounds, styles, genres and tastes, all fused into a single entity; from proto-doom to gothic, horror or death rock; from metal to post-punk, industrial to new wave; from Black Sabbath through Paradise Lost's Gothic to Bauhaus; one synergistic style where all the above mentioned have room and a permission to speak in one voice, one tongue, a unified style and sound, indivisible.

With Dead@Last the band has established a unique, if not bizarre, occult sound, stripped of mannerism or pomposity...”

Sonic Seducer (06/11):

"… Gloomy and rocking death metal-style the morbid songs drag on and on, sounding like Garage or even grave or catacomb…

One of the best songs is "Silence of the grave" – a massive toughness-bound darkness. A song attending a suicide.

The theme song and "Depressive Season" can be considered black Doom Psychedelic. A mixture of Christian Death and Neurosis – sounds bizarre but hits the nail on its head.

An excellent album." (Translated excerpt)

“...Kamikaze style, somewhat psychedelic, very dooming, dispersed to more than 13 songs and almost 45 minutes - the perfect CD for committing suicide... It's difficult to find the best description for songs like "Exit", evil is just not sufficient - a really nihilistic, incredible dismal atmosphere...

Those who like to wallow in pain certainly have to get this CD.”

(Translated excerpt)


The fog burns off:

A mixture of decay, black despair and melancholia materializes into a new CD


13 malign tracks made it on our new album. It disabuses everybody of the notion our previous album "Tales of woe" could not be outbid in darkness and viciousness.

DEAD@LAST is grim, disturbing, experimental. A hike through a maze of despair and hopelessness. Darker than death, the CD is steeped in horror.

DEAD@LAST drags you into a maelstrom of emotions. Besides the downtempo the songs are incredibly tough. A morbid sound spins like a recurrent theme throughout the CD. In contrast to former CDs there are no rock elements, the vocals are much more aggressive.

DEAD@LAST is going to be released on Friday 13th May 2011.