Touch The Spider!

Souls for sale


Touch The Spider!

I spit on your grave

Double CD-Album

Music from the dark side of life


Touch The Spider!

Tales of woe



Cosmic Lava:

"...Whatever the circumstances are, I suggest to buy a copy of this unique album recorded by a unique band."

"Like their fellow proto-doom bands, Touch the spider! have the ability to generate a diverse array of emotions. From sadness to happiness and several points in between..."

Sir Lord Doom:

"... A cult band for the fearless is born, a band that's playing real sinister music. Music that truly may be called Gothic, Doom, Alternative..." (Translated excerpt)


"... What remains is a terrific piece of music, dedicated to former heros without copying or caricaturing them..." (Translated excerpt).

"...The really strong side of Touch The Spider! is their ability to make air guitar and head banging friendly songs...

I would still recommend this to those who enjoy hard rock in the vein of Pentagram and Black Sabbath..."


"... I love that rusty distortion when played at that obscure and melodic rhythm."

Dark Heart Magazin:

"... The perfect album for dark hours. Songs like 'This Ain`t A Love Song', 'Searching' or the awesome 'Souls For Sale' are full of emotions and depth.." (Translated excerpt)

"...TOUCH THE SPIDER! sound like a mix of Motörhead and Angelwitch with a psychedelic touch and sinister lyrics of Black Sabbath. An officially phat sound..." (Translated excerpt)

"... Basically you can pick out JOY DIVISION and dirty SISTERS OF MERCY. But there's no copying, influences are used to create compact original compositions..." (Translated excerpt)

A reinvention of proto doom!

And this time I feel comfortable calling the release a proto doom album. 'Tales of woe' is heavier and gloomier than its predecessors ... a release which is to become a classic in its own genre.


"Gloomy rock and pure, mean sounds, still alive – no longer in England – but in the remoteness of southern german forests. ... songs, delightfully searing into your soul...

The songs are so dark, dropdead gloomy, insane and vicious, you might take most blackmetal boneheads, if not nearly all, for oompah bands.

BAUHAUS, JOY DIVISION and several former bands of this musical style wouldn't have done it better. ...Terrific." (Translated excerpt)

Lords of Metal:

"Tales of Woe sounds great ... They know how to chop wood and the pots-and-pans-banging form a nice contrast with the raging, distortion-filled riffs ..."


"... a depressing opus. Each song a knife, every single song a concentrated gloom. Depressing, yet imbued with harmonies ... like a crape in the inner ear ..." (Translated excerpt)


"... album that electrifies. More and more while listening. Mighty sounds are approaching ... an awesome disc..." (Translated excerpt)

"... The songs like "Weight Of The World" or "Death Is My Destiny" creep in the pants, Doom may not sound harder. ..." (Translated excerpt)

Touch The Spider!



Dark Heart Magazin:

"There are 13 malign tracks on this gloomy masterpiece! … The band presents itself in an apocalyptical depressive notion of hopelessness – no hope, no happiness, the sound feels just dark and gloomy – as black as in a pitch-black hole …

Conclusion: Brilliant!"  (Translated excerpt)

Sonic Seducer (06/11):

"… Gloomy and rocking death metal-style the morbid songs drag on and on, sounding like Garage or even grave or catacomb…

An excellent album." (Translated excerpt)

“...Kamikaze style, somewhat psychedelic, very dooming, dispersed to more than 13 songs and almost 45 minutes - the perfect CD for committing suicide... It's difficult to find the best description for songs like "Exit", evil is just not sufficient - a really nihilistic, incredible dismal atmosphere...

Those who like to wallow in pain certainly have to get this CD.” (Translated excerpt)


Touch The Spider!

Generation Zombie


Touch The Spider!

Blood on the Wallpaper


"...'Blood on the Wallpaper' is clearly darker than its predecessor 'Generation Zombie', more morbid and sprinkled with some freezing horror elements, but it never neglects the melodic side that makes each song hard to forget. Original and refreshing, this is an excellent album that will haunt your dreams for many nights to come."

Radio HaZZard of Darkness:

"Pitch black, gloomy, insanely, menacing, beaten-up but also rocking dirty 14 songs.

More and more the songs come with such a power that you plunge inevitably into the bizarre world of TTS!...”  (Translated excerpt)

"With really low tuned and severely distorted guitars, wailing, electronically adapted vocals and the corresponding chords Touch The Spider! create a nightmarish, oppressive atmosphere ... Haunting songs like "Dark Side of Love", "Ghost City", "Tomb Of Despair" or "My Melancholy" chase you and get under your skin at least by the third listening..."

(Translated excerpt)

"... TOUCH THE SPIDER are still the never failing songwriters. Each song not only exhibits its own nature, they all also blow your mind, each one in its own way taking into account different spirits."

(Translated excerpt)

Stonerhead let groove your brains tonight:

"...exactly the right thing what you need to relax in your sofa and to have a nice daydream, good minimalistic band with very interesting sound."

Sonic Seducer:

"A mixture of doom rock in the vein of Saint Vitus and stoner rock like Kyuss. Generation zombie is a very unconventional, varied album... bizarre, spacy, excellent!" (Translated excerpt)